What we do

Cartwright Care Home Group is a leading care home provider, established with the goal of reshaping the care home experience of older people in the UK.

Who we are

The company was founded by a group of British experts in Care Home Operations, Compliance and Finance with more than three decades of experience managing and operating a number of successful care homes across the UK.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue and build on our successes through our dedication to providing world-class care for all residents. Technology is a fundamental part of our ongoing strategy and helps us to stric for constant improvement in our care, support and service delivery.

Our Quality Commitment

Management Expertise

Within each home, the support teams are led by a qualified and experienced manager. Our responsive management is dedicated to ensuring the comfort of our residents and an expert team of staff. We support our staff through effective management, training opportunities and career progression.  

Skilled Staff

Our commitment to providing our employees with appropriate training ensures that our residents are always looked after by experienced and well-trained care professionals, who understand the care needs of each individual resident. All staff undergo regular reviews, where they can discuss future training needs and requirements to fulfill their roles within the home.

High Facility Standards

Our property team continually reviews and upgrades our homes to ensure the accommodation is maintained to a high standard of comfort and safety. Our goal is to cater to provide quality facilities that meet the needs of our residence and enhance their care experience. All our homes are regularly rated by external inspectors and inspection reports are available here for each of our homes.


Over the last few decades, the British care home system has gradually moved from a largely state-run network to a primarily privatised system. Cartwright Care was born out of this shift, combined with a passion for providing high-quality care services to the UK population and an opportunity to help shape the way care is managed.

Our management team has extensive collective experience in the running of dozens of exemplary care homes across the UK. This gives us a solid foundation from which to operate and has allowed us to run sustainable homes that deliver consistently excellent service to residents.

All of our care homes are fully regulated by the government’s Care Quality Commission (CQC), and hold the highest ratings in the sector, reflecting our dedication to quality of care.

Building the Future of Care through Tech

Technology can be transformative for any industry, and we want to be the leading force in its implementation in the UK care home sector. To help drive this initiative, we work with leading researchers to understand the diverse care needs of the aging population. Using our network of professionals, we work to integrate the latest technologies in our daily processes. This approach enables us to make constant, effective improvements to our homes that are catered around the necessities of our residents.



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