Why Work for Us?

FAQ – What We Do For You…

A typical working week will be worked flexibly over 7 days within a shift pattern. This is for all grades of staff and will likely include working weekends and night shifts.

Paid holiday entitlement starts at XX days pro-rata.

We will have a comprehensive training and development programme which includes access to internal and external courses, mentoring scheme, shadowing and coaching.  You will have routine reviews with your Line Manager to identify your developmental needs as part of a personal development programme.

Our development and support strategy will be developed to include a range of academic vocational qualifications at further education establishments and within the workplace.  It is our policy to ensure we provide a blended approach to learning and development for all staff to enable each one perform their duties more effectively whilst developing their full potential.

All of our staff will undertake an initial induction programme where an introduction to Cartwright Care and our philosophy, approaches and values are followed by mandatory training.  Our mandatory training goes beyond what we are expected to deliver in order to remain compliant with regulatory requirements and includes wide ranging and focussed subject areas. Our training involves a combination of classroom and work based activities, and a number of practical workshops. To quality assure all of this training, our Senior Management Team members will undertake the same training and routinely be involved in some of its delivery.

As an employer we recognise the need for all staff to be routinely updated to ensure best and most up to date practice and legislative requirements are maintained, these updates will be discussed with you during your on-going supervision and appraisal meetings.

In our efforts to ensure that our staff are adequately supported and listened above and beyond the models we implement to ensure effective and meaningful staff supervision and appraisal we actively encourage reflective practice which is recorded on a day to day basis and apply the model indicated below. This helps us ensure that learning experiences are reviewed and enhanced and able to consistently inform best practice and potentially inform the need for additional skills / learning requirements.